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Is WordPress Still Relevant?

Open Source Software

WordPress is an open source software based on PHP & MySQL. Open source software is developed and managed by a community of developers. Open source software is a non-commercialized approach to developing software. The beauty of this is that WordPress is free. 

The drawback is that there is not any traditional customer support. WordPress offers support in document form, but you have to search for the answers. You will not be able to call a customer service representative and ask your questions. There are also third-party tutorials, that cover beginner to advanced subjects.

See how to get more customers to your website.

Planning a Website 101: The Essential Guide

It seems crazy to think that the most critical step to take when building a website is planning, but it is!  The general design of the project will be one of the last things you will do. You should consider the following before you design your site.

Search Engine Optimization Image.

Five Ways to Improve Your Search Rankings

Hi, my name is George Sulc, the owner of Envision Web Design.  I can't wait to talk to you about SEO and how you can improve your ranking on search results.  The first thing to understand about optimizing your site is how Google analyzes your site.