Faster Websites =

Higher Rankings

Page Speed Optimization

Slow page load speeds can discourage your viewers from taking a deeper look into your site.  This usually means a high bounce rate and poor conversions.

All our designs must pass speed tests using Google page speed software. This page speed tool shows us where the problems are and how to address them.

Check out what we do to maximize page loading speeds for PC, Laptop, and Mobile devices.  

Image Reduction

Every image is first scaled down with photo editing software. Once it is loaded into WordPress, we shrink the size down, even more, using image reduction software.


This is a process that reduces the size of HTML, CSS,  and JavaScript files.  It doesn't effect the efficiency of the code but it sure loads faster.

Technical Optimization

We eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above the fold content and leverage browser caching.  

Content Delivery Network

For heavy traffic sites a great solution is a content delivery network.  A content delivery network (CDN) is a group of servers that work together to provide fast delivery of your content.  It radically increases a websites speed and allows for the quick transfer of all your assets.  This would include HTML pages, JavaScript files, CSS stylesheets, images, and video.

There are many CDN companies like Google Cloud CDN, Swarmify, Akamai, Microsoft Azure, LimeLight, and Amazon Cloud Front to name a few. 

It does cost more but for those demanding websites that have a great deal of traffic; this can be a great solution.
The costs vary but you can expect to pay between 20.00 and 60.00 per month for a quality CDN. 

Envision Web Design will gladly help you with set up and implementation.

Do you need help with your site?

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